The Stroke

Since I had a stroke on February 23, 2022, I focused the blog on the event and its aftermath, including therapies and their results, and changes to my life.

They are best read in sequence.

The stroke blogs are:

STROKE!                  In that instant I had gone from fully mobile human being to a functional cripple.
REHAB!                    They said, sure, it might be possible. Little did I know how hard it would be.
HOME!                      Being wheelchair-bound redefined home.
WALKING!              Cristoph insisted that I can do what he says I can do has meant that I am now walking.
RIGHT ARM!          Everything from my shoulder down to my pinky finger was dead.
FAMILY!                  The family has kept my spirits up.
REHAB 2!                These are trickier tasks than you might imagine.
SLOG!                        The wheelchair was no longer used for anything.
COMPLICATED!   When the Doc starts messing with drug levels, ask questions . . . lots of them.
DRIVING                  I am no longer fit to drive a car.
SCOOTER!               Best of all, it’s great fun to drive!
ONE YEAR!             Let’s start with a simple fact: I am disabled.
CABRILLO!             People at various stages of recovery working together regain lost skills more quickly.
UNCERTAINTY!   Doctors and therapists are less certain about strokes than you might expect.
AFTEREFFECTS   18 months later the stroke is still doing its thing!
FIGHTING BACK! I teach myself to walk again!