In July, I switched therapy programs from the Sutter home-based rehab to the Dominican Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation facility. This was a planned move, although the insurance people did not make it an easy one.

Lisa, Joel, & Micky

The structure of the rehab effort remained largely the same. Christoph was replaced by Joel in the physical therapist’s slot, while Pete was replaced by Lisa in the occupational therapist’s slot. Their missions were a bit altered however, with Joel training me on occupational things like stair climbing, and Lisa focusing on things like picking up objects and putting them down.

These are trickier tasks than you might imagine. The stroke had scrambled my right side nervous system to the point where my muscles do not know anymore how to respond to instructions from my brain. It all must be re-learned.

Of course, I continued with Sarah as she makes serious – but slow – progress in recovering my crippled arm, wrist, and hand. And I added speech therapy with Micky when my enunciation got so bad that I couldn’t understand myself.

What is especially nice about this change is the opportunity to get out of the house and into a Covid-safe environment where I can interact with genuinely nice people and learn new things. It feels like entering the real world again.

The therapists are great as is the staff. Lisa is the first one we met, and she came equipped with real hope for my situation. She is full of ideas and new things for me to do that improve my upper body abilities, strength, and flexibility.

And I thought Joel would have less to do after Christoph’s success with walking, but I was wrong especially after my knee arthritis kicked in and I needed help with that. And now he’s starting me on walking without a cane.

None of this stuff is easy, of course, not even the scheduling, But scheduler Victoria smiles even when scheduling turns into a pencil-chewing nightmare.

My agreed time at Dominican Outpatient Rehabilitation goes through the end of this year, but I expect I’ll need more time and will ask for an extension. Good thing I like it there!

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Before it was Dominican Outpatient Rehab, the building’s cavernous floor space was home to a major sporting goods outlet.

10 thoughts on “REHAB 2!

  1. It was so nice to see you on our Zoom call today. It’s also heartening to hear how good people are out there providing guidance and more importantly, hope. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of all that is possible.

  2. Thanks for the update, John! So glad to hear that you are making progress! I hope to see you on Zoom in October!

  3. Dear John, Thank you for showing us how we can keep learning. Your example is a gift for us. Thank you so much. And keep up the amazing work!
    Love, Dale

  4. John, so good as always to see that you’re so intent on your therapy…it’ll pay off, but, man, it takes a lot to keep going with it? I have new swear words myself: Trump, politicians, taxes, governmental agency data reports etc. I have an endless list! The forceful saying of many of them is a great relief to me and immediately reduces my stress build-up. When it is said that you must fight to live, “they” aren’t kidding. You are buffeted with many prayers each day…just so you know. Keep up the blogging so I know how you are doing. I love you, Cuz.
    I kind of hate to see fall arrive. This summer went too fast. Mareli

  5. John:

    As much as anything it is good hear and feel your positive attitude. It comes
    through loud and clear.

    I am making good headway with my knee replacement, a minor irritation in comparison.

    My best to you and Nancy.


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