I was so convinced that I would be able to drive a car that for a long time I resisted the idea of an electric scooter. But when it became clear that I would not be driving, I began serious research into scooters.

Most of the scooters on the market were no more than toys, but with traffic in Santa Cruz as it is, I needed something with more heft to it. An Israeli company called Afikim Electric Vehicles builds industrial strength scooters called Afiscooters in Australia, and I focused on its products.

I ultimately chose the Model C-4. First, it has four wheels, which is critical for stability and second because it can be driven with the left hand, which is important for me as my right hand is disabled and cannot be relied on to steer a scooter.

In addition, the big, comfortable seat swivels, making it easy to get on and off, it has a lockable compartment on the front big enough to carry an iPad and I added a large lockable compartment at the rear. It even has a big LED light, turn indicators, cup holders and a horn, and I added a cane holder.

It’s powerful and can go up to 10 miles per hour and can travel about 25 miles on a single charge. It is a little over two feet wide, making it suitable for sidewalk or indoor use. Of course, you wouldn’t go more than four to five miles per hour on a sidewalk or more than one or two miles per hour when indoors.

Best of all, it’s great fun to drive!

The first day I had the scooter was warm and sunny, making for great scootering. I spotted my friend Michael, who rides a geared tricycle, and I caught up with him in the schoolyard for a chat.

Since then, I have rediscovered some of my old walking routes, which has been fun because they were a real source of pleasure. They’re no less fun on a scooter and I’m running into people I knew who wondered where I’ve been. When I start a new program at the Cabrillo College Stroke Center, I hope to scooter there.

I now attend in-person AA meetings which is a real treat because since Covid started and continuing with the stroke, my attendance has been limited to Zoom meetings. Now I see friends of many years whom I have missed.

Nancy and I also take scooter walks (she walks, I ride the scooter), most recently to check on nearby Soquel Creek which was reaching flood stage during the recent “atmospheric river” rainstorms. Fortunately, it didn’t flood, but we got really wet!

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14 thoughts on “SCOOTER!

  1. So glad that your out and about.
    We need your presence in our neighborhood.
    Will look for you and my wish is that your improvement
    is outstanding.


  2. John,
    Are you and Michael drag racing? Your amazing Scooter VS his geared Tricycle.
    I bet my Dad who taught GRHS driver education would enjoy the thoughts of your getting out and about!
    Dad had a heart attack at 54 and had to quit teaching. He listened to his medical professionals and lived life to the fullest well into his 80’s.
    Your great attitude, integrity and recovery work is paying off. Your Blog is inspiring. I am thankful that we are H.S. classmates and longtime friends.
    God Bless you & Nancy💕

  3. How wonderful! You look great on your new transportation. I can picture you and C4 tooting with Nancy around beautiful Santa Cruz on a sunny bright day.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Great to see your excitement about your new toy. It’s so nice to see that you getting out for some fun walks, or should I say scoots! Are you going to start taking pictures again? I loved looking at all your special finds on walks. 🙂

  5. Leave it to you, John, to research and implement an elegant and optimal solution to a problem, and to identify the best hardware option available. Here’s wishing you many years of fun on your new ride.

  6. Oh, John! What terrific news. Thanks for the pictures of your new transport. Spiffy!!! Hope you and Nancy have a great New Year. All of your super hard work is showing, and I can see your delight in your face. Love, love, love you! Cuz Mareli

  7. Awesome!!!!!!
    We have missed not seeing you out and about on the “lane”!
    Since you are Mayor of Ladera, we really need you roaming about and keeping us in check… 🙂

    We are so happy for you John,
    J& P Mello

  8. Great news! I did not know you lived in Santa Cruz. Wonderful place and so many great places to scooter!

  9. Dear John, You keep on amazing us all with your strength and resilience!! God Bless and keep up the good work. love, Dale

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