About Me

My lovely wife, Nancy, has taken especially good care of me since I had the stroke.

During my career in magazine and web editing it was always the process of writing about things that helped me to make sense of my thoughts. I wrote about technology for a living and blogged about whatever came to mind as a hobby.

I often write down my thoughts about books I have read and share them with the Aptos Men’s book group. I get more out of books by organizing and expressing my thoughts in the way that all writing has helped me — now I understand why we wrote all those book reports in high school! I used those reviews as content to start this blog site.

Then I realized that returning to the blogging hobby would be a fun project. I can write about anything that comes to mind and write about the people who made a difference in my life, something I have long wanted to do.

The Stroke

Since I had a stroke on February 23, 2022, I have focused the blog on the event and its aftermath, including therapies and their results, and changes to my life. The stroke blogs are:

STROKE!                  In that instant I had gone from fully mobile human being to a functional cripple.
REHAB!                    They said, sure, it might be possible. Little did I know how hard it would be.
HOME!                      Being wheelchair-bound redefined home.
WALKING!              Cristoph insisted that I can do what he says I can do has meant that I am now walking.
RIGHT ARM!          Everything from my shoulder down to my pinky finger was dead.
FAMILY!                  The family has kept my spirits up.
REHAB 2!                These are trickier tasks than you might imagine.
SLOG!                        The wheelchair was no longer used for anything.
COMPLICATED!   When the Doc starts messing with drug levels, ask questions . . . lots of them.
DRIVING                 I am no longer fit to drive a car.
SCOOTER!              Best of all, it’s great fun to drive!
ONE YEAR!            Let’s start with a simple fact: I am disabled.
CABRILLO!            People at various stages of recovery working together regain lost skills more quickly.
UNCERTAINTY!  Doctors and therapists are less certain about strokes than you might expect.

There are four other categories of blog posts here:

Mentors & Mavens

Many people have made a difference to my life by teaching me, leading me, or giving me an opportunity.These essays honor their roles in my life.

Just Sayin’

These little essays cover whatever interests me at the time. Some are revived and updated from my prior at blog, others are completely new.

Book Notes

I’m a lifelong book reader and writing reviews helps me organize my thoughts about them.


I read about history, institutions, technology, adventures, people . . . anything that grabs my interest and expands my knowledge.


A good solid story with great character development and a well-constructed arc keeps me in a comfy chair to the end.