At my age the most important force in my life is aging, and each night I declare a victory in the war against age.

At age 50 my doctor told me our goal was to make sure I was healthy at age 80. I just laughed because I never expected to live past 40.

Today my horizon is 80. With only 2 years left, I think I shall get there and be healthy enough to call that doctor and tell him of our success.

Then I’ll reset the horizon from 80 to 90 . . . or maybe 100.

This little essay was written in response to the Eugene O’Neill Foundation’s request for 100-word essays describing our horizons.

2 thoughts on “80

  1. Thoughtful and well written. Hope you do make it, still thoroughly enjoying life, to that 100th year – and beyond!

  2. A good goal, Hope. you, and we, make it with a quality of life that makes reaching 80 worthwhile.

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