The Anthropocene Reviewed
by John Green

Surely, you’ve met this guy. I don’t mean John Green, the author of The Anthropocene Reviewed. I mean instead that fellow you met at the office picnic, or the fellow who somehow got invited to your fishing trip.

You know the one, the guy who talked your ear off about the new laws about crayfish, or why Calvin Coolidge was the greatest president. She might also be a woman talking about the horrid use of money to put on a PTA social.

In any case they are people you don’t know, who believe things you don’t care about, and even if you cared about them, you wouldn’t care about their opinion.

That’s how I felt about John Green and his reviews of the many things of which he knows only a little and writes about with grandiose enthusiasm in The Anthropocene Reviewed.

I put the book down at page 100, preferring instead to read more about Pope Pius XII and Hitler in The Pope at War.

1 thought on “The Anthropocene Reviewed
by John Green

  1. John, you write the eloquent review that I cannot. I reached page 76 or so and thought I should at least go to 100, but realized that there was still a waitlist at the library, so I returned it.

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